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For the first time EVER... I'm opening up just a few in-person VIP Days.

Come to beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida (The Sunshine City) for your Bliss Breakthrough with me.

We'll get together to focus on YOU during 2 days of inner deep dives that are actually fun!

* You'll unravel (from the root) the old patterns that were holding you back from moving forward on your soul's Golden Path.

* You'll feel empowered to change what isn't working for you, before life changes it for you.

* You'll break the cycle of avoidance, so you can experience true pleasure instead of just overindulging in escapes.

* You'll be set free from your comfort zone, to easily navigate life changes and transitions.

And it all happens without giving up life to meditate all day in a cave.

Instead, the deep inner transformation that changes your life will unfold for you in the midst of all the fun we're having!

Our time together will be custom curated for YOU, but it might include things like ...

* soaking up some sun on a beautiful beach

* exploring an amazing crystal shop

* restoring your body and mind with a float session

* enjoying a nourishing massage

* strolling along a pier and spotting dolphins ...

or whatever I know will help open you to YOUR Bliss Breakthrough.

You'll return home lit-up from the inside, plugged in to your infinite source, and reconnected with the true Love that you ARE.

You'll have practical tools to apply so you can keep expanding your true bliss, without using escapes or vices as temporary substitutes for the real pleasure that comes from deep inner connection and being comfortable with your flow of emotions and energy.

Here are the details:

* Dates are flexible and you can book now through June 30th, 2024, on dates that work for both of us

* This is also available as a VIRTUAL experience, to get your Bliss Breakthrough from the convenience of your home

"Before working with Rebecca, I had struggled with an enormous debt that a loved one left behind. Through her precise and loving work with me, the results included a financial increase of over $3M. This more than wiped out the debts and allowed me to move forward to pursue my next journeys in life.

​Much to my surprise, during that process we often seemed to work on something besides what I thought the issue was, but Rebecca was always able to guide me beyond my previous perception and expectations, resulting in the results I was looking for, but also way more love and peace than I could have expected."

- G.B., Artist

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