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It’s time for you to live free, playful, supported, and in harmony — in the slipstream of life, just like a dolphin does.

The dolphin is a symbol of joy, harmony, and rebirth.

Dolphins are both light and playful, and fast, powerful, and incredibly strong. They radiate ease and freedom as they glide through the waves and leap into the air.

To commune with wild dolphins is to reconnect with your true, free self (ask me how I know).

What happens when you activate your inner dolphin?

✨ You easily glide through life's transitions, feeling playful, powerful, and free

✨ Successful business owners experience more joy, freedom, and clarity about the smoothest path to their next level

✨ Talented creatives easily and joyfully create their best work ever (and more of it) while receiving more acknowledgement (and $) for their work

✨ Even if you thought you weren’t creative, you start living your LIFE like a work of art

✨ Get in “the flow” like never before, to follow their own “golden path” without feeling adrift

✨ Naturally call in your truly aligned pod and/or “pod”ner (partner) and experience the indescribable peace and bliss of the the oneness of all

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You’ve felt the whispers on the edge of your consciousness, beckoning you into something more — urging you to not only live in your true freedom but be part of the collective transformation and harmony.

Now you can have access to the deep wisdom and restorative energy of Mother Ocean, dolphin delight, and a safe, supportive, transformative environment to go from burnt out to blissful.

How would your life change if you REALLY could live in more joy and freedom than you ever believed was possible?

What if gliding through life, feeling playful, powerful, and free, really IS possible?

And not just "theoretically" possible, but possible for YOU, not just "sometime," and not just in this lifetime, but NOW?

When you live this way (and you can) you’re able to easily:

✨Source your joy from within, so you can easily shed your sneaky dependencies and truly enjoy the pleasures of life x1000

✨ Activate your full creativity (the kind that requires comfort with the “void” that everything truly new emerges from) and live your life as a work of art

✨ Experience a deep undercurrent of untouchable Peace as your default state

✨ Enjoy deeper connection in all of your relationships

✨ Embrace the outrageous level of joy you were told you had to stifle in order to be loved and safe

✨ Navigate parenting joyfully, knowing that you’re giving expansively to your children, without losing yourself

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Working with me is like diving into the deepest depths, but wrapped in the warmest, coziest blanket, with a sparkly dolphin as your guide.

So yes, we “go THERE” but it’s not scary or overwhelming.

This brand new 3 week initiation includes:

✨ 2 immersive 75 minute private sessions

✨ 3 weeks of Daily energetic support

✨ 3 weeks of Support and check-in access on voxer

It unfolds like this:

Session 1:

Helps you relax into the embrace of the ocean to go from frazzled wires to rest and respite while you deeply reconnect and are restored in your true essence. We transmute the energy you don’t need and clear the way for a deep recharge and reset.

Just like you can go to the earth for grounding, the ocean gives you a deep grounding energy, but with a gentle buffer. You can feel truly held and supported in your wholeness and connectedness, because all water is connected.

This deep replenishment helps reset your neurotransmitters to recognize a new way of being instead of defaulting to the cycle of waiting for a "problem", solving that "problem", then expecting the next problem.

For 1 month, you receive daily energetic support (which is like having the door held open for you, so stepping through into your next level is still always your own choice, but having the door open makes it feel so much easier)
and you have me by your side on voxer for guidance and support to meet the exact situations that arise in your life with a new perspective and more ease.

Session 2: (about 1-2 weeks after Session 1)

Activates your playful, powerful, dolphin energy and catalyzes your capacity to live in your true freedom.

Your daily energetic support continues and we stay connected on voxer to keep deepening your capacity for ease and joy for the rest of the month while you start embodying your life in the slipstream, where you create your own “luck” by being in harmony and following your innate guidance and intuition.

Moving into the slipstream is a fundamental frequency shift, that leaves behind your previous way of being and ushers you into "a whole new world," where what you previously felt like you had to walk uphill for now happens easily.

Harnessing the energy of the ocean lets you experience the highs and freedom of surfing through life on your own terms.

The 2 immersive sessions are the catalysts, and then most of the “work” unfolds during the month as I walk you through practical, in-the-moment guidance and support that addresses exactly what you’re experiencing in your life.

Part of what happens during Dolphin Bliss is I receive, transmit, and transmute energy to help connect you to the ancient and vast energy of Mother Ocean, which shifts your energetic blueprint forever and remains in the water of your body.

You’ll emerge from the immersion feeling like you easily moved through years worth of “inner work” and you take this energy with you for life and continue to use it for life.

By the end of this initiation:

✨ You’ll feel more deep, stable Peace instead of being emotionally reactive

✨ The things that used to trigger you will wash over you like a gentle wave

✨ It will feel easy and natural to deeply Love yourself and others unconditionally, beyond what you've experienced before

✨ You’ll experience smooth sailing, guided by your inner knowing, even through life’s waves and storms

✨ You’ll feel supported the way a dolphin feels supported by the ocean and the rest of the dolphin pod

✨ More of your energy will be available for JOY!

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The ocean may seem mysterious and mercurial, but it’s actually very straightforward and simple.

We will bring that powerful simplicity to your energy system, emotional state, and your life, so you go from burnt out to blissful.

This immersion is a safe space created just for you — like a warm, clear, gentle lagoon where you benefit from the power of the ocean without plunging yourself headfirst into the depths, alone and terrified.

Instead, I’m with you every step of the way, guiding you through each deep realization and supporting you as each layer of conditioning and reactivity falls away to reveal your playful, peaceful, powerful, “inner dolphin.”

You have me available for guidance that applies to YOUR life, and to bring deep wisdom from Mother Ocean about exactly what YOU need.

For a preview taste of bliss, watch this livestream replay:

(copy and paste the link above into your browser)

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BONUS: The Bliss Pod

I’m starting an invitation-only dolphin pod for people who work closely with me.

This group is the place to come together to amplify your collective freedom, support each other, play, and connect.

You won’t be alone as you take flight.
You can lean into the stability of the pod and take time to reflect with each other.

The Bliss Pod is where you can make life-long deep soul connections with new friends and colleagues as you support and lift each other up.



Do I need to feel like dolphins are my spirit animal or already have a special connection with dolphins and/or whales?


No, you don't.

Some of the people who will benefit the most from this deep dive aren’t yet aware of their inner dolphin.

Bringing it out and activating it is what sets new things in motion for you.


What if I’m not even comfortable in the water or the ocean scares me a little?


Part of why I’m offering this is to help you expand your freedom and comfort with water, with the ocean energy, with safely exploring the depths.

I create a safe, loving bridge between what you’re already comfortable with and where the magic is for you.

Even when dealing with the actual, physical ocean and dolphins, clients have amazing (and enjoyable) experiences at retreats with me that included spending hours on a boat with no land in sight and swimming with wild dolphins, even though they were not comfortable with water before that.

I’m here to help you benefit from how powerfully nourishing, restorative, and initiating the energy of water and the ocean is.

This energy brings you fluidity and balance, especially if you are already earthy.


I’m already really happy and my life is great. How will this be helpful to me?


You don’t know just how magical things can get until you actually go there and experience it for yourself.

Plenty of things can help you get from A to B, or fix a symptom.

But this deep dive is designed to help you open up to what you didn’t even know to ask for, expand into what lies beyond your imagination, and embody your next dimension of soul perspective in your life.

And any issues also clear up in the process too.

Imagine having some sand in your shoe that you got so used to that you forgot it was there…

you wouldn’t be looking for a way to empty it, but boy will it feel good when it’s gone!

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Experiences of Working with Rebecca:

"Through Rebecca's precise and loving work with me, the results included a financial increase of over $3M. This allowed me to move forward to pursue my next journeys in life.

​Much to my surprise, during that process we often seemed to work on something besides what I thought the issue was, but Rebecca was always able to guide me beyond my previous perception and expectations, resulting in the results I was looking for, but also way more love and peace than I could have expected."

- G.B., Artist

“Working with Rebecca completely changed my life.

While working with Rebecca I’ve had more career success than ever before and made more then triple what I had previously.

Rebecca not only guides you to come from Love and truth and "who you truly are” in every area of your life, but she also helps you feel more connected, joyful, and ready to take on any of the challenges of the world.

I came to Rebecca for spiritual growth and guidance, but she also helped me become infinitely more successful in the world.

Whether she is guiding me through signing big contracts and negotiations, or helping me stand up for my value and make more money, or helping me navigate relationship issues and dynamics, her support and teachings have been invaluable.

I am so grateful to Rebecca for her amazing work and guidance.

No one else I have ever worked with has ever changed my life more.”

- K, songwriter, NYC

"My prior 40 years of seeking pale in comparison to the true understanding I have relaxed into after working with you.

In previous studies, love was mentioned and even emphasized, but was never transmitted in its fullness the way that I have experienced with you."

- B.D.

"Rebecca is truly talented and remarkable! What I find most amazing is how, within a few minutes of a session she has unravelled my most troubling "stuff" so that I can get back to peace and clarity!

I love her nonjudgmental, loving presence and how well she understands human nature.

Most importantly, I love that Rebecca walks her talk. Thank you Rebecca for your unwavering support of me."

- E, NY

“I have worked with a LOT of different people over the years and I haven't met anyone who embodies what they share, the way that Rebecca does.

She is so grounded in what she shares with people.

Over and over and over and over again, no matter what I hear people bringing to her, she effortlessly dives to the root of 'anything'....providing the template to shift your perspective and to remember the Love that is present.

Rebecca has this extraordinary ability to connect with you at your heart space.

That's what she sees when she interacts with you and that is the space where she interacts with you. It's all very natural to her.

I have never felt judged and I have brought some doozies to her ... things I would feel embarrassed to speak out loud. It became easy to share anything with her, which is the whole point because everything is asking to come into the light.”

- H, CA

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All dolphin and ocean photos © Rebecca Quave

Photo of Rebecca by Emily Hite Photography



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