Crystallize Your Purpose


Heal your relationship with money and learn to receive any amount you choose in 12 days

Without: Hustle, Force, or Struggle

With: Joy, Delight, Love, and Peace

What if you can create and receive money as an EXPRESSION OF how whole, expansive, and prosperous you feel and ARE,

instead of trying to chase down money because you constantly feel like there’s not enough (no matter how much you actually have)?

Money takes on the energy YOU bring to it.

For true, lasting change, you have to go deeper than “money mindset” or standard “manifesting” and heal the roots of your relationship with money.

When money has historically been something that people are willing to kill each other over, and used to oppress people, why WOULDN'T a compassionate, loving person like you end up (consciously or subconsciously) avoiding it??!!

When you heal your relationship with money,

not only money is always there for you,

​but you help shift the collective energy about money as a whole.

When your relationship with money isn’t truly loving, you might experience:

* Money comes in, but you don’t ever feel like it’s really there for you when you need it … it feels shaky instead of solid

* Feeling like you always have to hold onto it tightly, because deep down you’re afraid there won’t be more

* Playing small and hiding when money does show up for you in a big way, because it feels wrong to “get caught with it”

None of these experiences make rational sense to you —

you’re smarter than that.

But they’re not something you can effectively just talk yourself out of, either.

The energetic roots of these patterns need to be unraveled and harmonized,

so you’re able to EMBODY a new experience with money.

Most people (especially marginalized groups) have taken on at least some level of the "ick" that has surrounded money.

But you can unravel the past beliefs (your own and the ones that you're breathing in just by being alive in our world) and have a new experience with money.

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Do you usually have a smile on your face and a warmth in your heart when the topic of money comes up?

You can!

It’s time to heal your relationship with money, and that's what awaits you inside Money Delight.

All of us healing this and bringing a new energy to money is what can shift the whole collective energy about money enough to heal it too.

If you think, "I'd rather just wait to live in an evolved world that doesn't even use money" ... guess what the first step to creating that world is – healing the existing relationship with money.

MONEY DELIGHT Includes the "$12k (or any amount) in 12 Days" game, which gives you:

- Daily practices + a new activity for each of the 12 Days

- Exploration Questions that help you unravel your unseen limiting beliefs

- Step-by-step instructions PDF guides you through the 12 day process

- Guided Process audios for deep shifts

- Video reminders to help you get past stuck points

You receive instant access to the same tools a small test group of Soul Oasis members have already used to create over $100k in 12 Days

It’s completely normal and expected to feel at first like this is something you can’t do.

Because if you already knew you could do it, you would be out doing it all the time, any time, no problem.

Part of the purpose of this process is to demonstrate that you can just decide to have more money come in and have it come in.

Check to see how you feel about these statements:

“I receive more money just because I ask for it”

"Money is easy and fun to deal with"

"I do what I love and money is always there for me"

If you feel anything other than open, free, joyful, Loving certainty when you contemplate those statements,

this Money Delight process is for you.

You'll be guided step-by-step through unpacking and resolving the wonky energy you've built up about money from the root.

On top of oodles of new cash coming in, the test group experienced shifts like:

“So much feels as if it has truly opened up and that I have more space. I am in a state of celebration today, and very pleased with myself.”

“It was amazing timing for me and I just today 4 hours ago sold 20th ticket to my retreat.”

“I knew that money is an issue for me but didn't see all the components that contribute to this. A super big thank you to you Rebecca for facilitating many, many very important awarenesses.”

“I am feeling very rich and capable.”

“It's a wonderful topic for challenging my beliefs.”

“I started to really see how, in my past, I avoided pain at all costs, the subtle and not so subtle ways I would distract myself. Biggest benefit is welcoming Money as part of the Flow of LOVE. Totally different viewpoint of Money as LOVE in action.”

“The whole journey has been phenomenal and it’s only the start to being able to continue this forward as more opens up because of it.”

“Thank you for doing this. It's such a blessing and this experience just ties everything together.”

“It’s a perfect way to prod, to poke, and bring right in your face anything that is there and then be guided through to its resolution.”

“THANK YOU REBECCA!!!! This experience is awesome and immensely supportive.”

“This has so much depth and it brings so much integration between what I internally experience and how I relate to life.”

“It forced me to start looking in depth at myself.”

Do I only have access to the course for 12 days?

As soon as you check out, you have instant and permanent access to everything in MONEY DELIGHT (including $12k in 12 Days), as well as any updates and bonuses I add to it going forward.

This course is meant to be used again and again, because you'll have deeper experiences and more expansive results each time.

In fact, 100% of Soul Oasis members who participated in the original experiment said they were looking forward to repeating it.

What if $12k sounds like too little to me?

The course includes a guided exercise to intuitively determine the amount you can create in 12 days, so $12k is just a suggestion (because it makes a snappy title) and you can create any amount you choose.

Meet Your Guide

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When high achievers and visionaries are ready for the transition and transformation of a lifetime, they seek out Rebecca Quave for guidance.

As a guide for your expansion of consciousness, her natural gift of activating you to your highest truth creates profound shifts quickly and easily.

After spending years caught up in the exhausting hamster wheel of striving for more, she unraveled who she thought she was – only to discover the indescribable, life-transforming Love that was already there.

Rebecca supports you in your own unique process of awakening and transformation.

She has helped amazing souls worldwide remember the "missing piece" to fully experience the true, unconditional Love they've been craving.

After you check out, you'll be prompted to create your account to instantly access MONEY DELIGHT on the course portal.

You will also receive an email (to the email you provide) with the link.

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